GST 08 / GST 10

Side A
Ex-Friends XFREN
1. Never Been Arrested
2. Black Ankles
3. Psychic TV
4. Skeleton
5. Seven Fingers
6. I Want to Move Out
7. Kidzzz
Recorded January and February 2010 at Guardian Storage

Side B
Ex-Friends Fuck Dog USA
1. Rapscallion (Fucker) [WCB]
2. Helen Fordsdale [Mars]
3. Jonovision
4. I Want to Move Out [Alex and Stephen's Demo]
5. Frostbite
6. Move Out II
7. Never Been Arrested [Long Version]
Recorded September 2009 to February 2010 at Guardian Storage
8. Lexicon Devil [Germs]
Recorded June 5, 2010 at Neptoon Records


Alex Little drums, vocals Justin Hubert guitar, vocals Stephen Jersak bass, vocals.

Told they sound like Gang of Four, the Pixies, Swell Maps (over and over again), Black Lips, Wire, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

100107 Vancouver Nurse, MT-40, Ex-Friends @ Honey (Honey Lung Thursday)
100112 Vancouver Ex-Friends @ the Astoria (Sailing)

100122 Vancouver Needles/Pins, Newtown, Ex-Friends @ the Eldorado (First Friday)
100306 Vancouver B-Lines, Grown-Ups, Healthy Students, Impossible Babes, Ex-Friends, Forced Laugh @ the Alf House
100605 Vancouver Student Teacher, Ex-Friends, Cat Attack, Los Tycoons @ Neptoon Records (Music Waste)

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