Title Shot "Quit Your Job (and Go to Heaven)

Title Shot "Quit Your Job and Go to Heaven"
Langley / Abbotsford 2005

Pop that still sounds fresh after five years. RIP?



Fun 100 Live

Fun 100
Live in Toronto, September 23, 2006
1. Pull the Goalie
2. Gimme the Chiefs
3. Hot Popular Girl
4. Prom
5. Ghetto Mall
6. Slide into Jerry
7. MVP: I Watched Your Shitty Band
8. Hygiene Boy / Roger and Me
9. Lost in New York

Fun 100 playing songs from their album, their 7", and their final EP. At their best! RIP


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They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

They Shoot Horses, Dont They?
Vancouver 2005
1. Transmitting
2. Hit My Head
3. The Farthest Reaching
4. Sad Sack

Raucous debut EP from Vancouver Kill Rock Stars. RIP.


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Cran - Live at Murrayville Hall

Cran Live at Murrayville Hall
Langley 2007
1. Hello
2. Arms Legs Feet
3. Teeth Marks
4. Be Grounded / Spring Break Faith
5. Quiet Noise
6. Rider
7. We're Going to Make it
8. Banter
9. The Great Comforter

Now he's JDH!


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53k+ - Go-Go War Form

53k+ Go-Go War Form
Abbotsford 2007
1. P2
2. P3
3. DAB
4. New DAB
5. DR1

53k+ "Ouch Punch"
Abbotsford 2007

Grating noise on tape by kids who just discovered No Wave. RIP.