GST 03 / GST 06

Side A
WCB Sixteen
1. Annie Kuo (Corpse is Smile) [early version]
2. Canada's Navy, 1914
3. Women of Britain
4. L. Tron Hubbard
5. Adaptive Reaction (Future Shock)
6. Hockeysaurus
7. To Surf and Protect
Recorded October 2006 at Brighton Block
8. Women of Britain Say Go!
Recorded May 2006 at the Van de Graaf Hotel

Side B
WCB Tape
1. To Surf and Protect
2. But...
3. Hockeysaurus
4. Rapscallion (Fucker) [false start]
5. Walking to School
Recorded May 2008 at Eric's
6. Helen Fordsdale [Mars]
Recorded July 2007 at Eric's


Eric Krawczynski drums (0605-0810) Justin Hubert guitar (0602-0810) Sam Costinak keys / synth (0601-0810) Stephen Jersak bass (0601-0810) Danny Braaten vocals (0803-0810).
Honourable mentions: Jaydee Bateman fill-in drummer (0601-0801) Chris Kozak
vocals (0605-0607)

Told they sound like the Aquabats, the B-52s, Cher, Deep Purple, Red Light Sting, Rammstein, Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome, Dead Kennedys, Fun 100, and Thee Goblins.

060503 Epiphany, Annthronein, Madflower, WCB @ Yale New Theatre, Abbotsford
060527 Annthronein, WCB @ Sam's House, Abbotsford
060617 Annthronein, WCB @ Moe's Tavern, Abbotsford
060706 Sweetheart, Morningbird, L'ananas, WCB, Franklyn Currie @ Classic Rhythms, Abbotsford
060721 WCB, Schuul @ Moe's Tavern, Abbotsford
060802 Morningbird, Franklyn Currie, WCB, Willoughby, Vail @ the Garage, Abbotsford

060812 Fun 100, WCB, L'ananas @ Maniac Mansion, Abbotsford

060908 Morningbird, Annthronein, WCB, Schuul @ Moe's Tavern, Abbotsford
061028 WCB, Schuul @ Moe's Tavern, Abbotsford
061110 Fun 100, Raised by Wolves, Morningbird, WCB, Annthronein @ the Eagles Hall, Abbotsford
070127 Roswell, Annthronein, WCB @ the Abbotsford Seniors Association, Abbotsford
070220 Sweetheart, the Bends, WCB @ the Yorkshire Rose, Abbotsford
070420 You Say Party! We Say Die!, the Bloggers, B-Lines, WCB @ the Seniors Resource Centre, Abbotsford
070526 Schuul, WCB, Annthronein, Bog Lip @ Sam's House, Abbotsford
070927 Annthronein, WCB, the Dirty Mack @ Yale Old Theatre, Abbotsford

071220 Annthronein, Exit 95, WCB, Dirty Mack @ Yale Small Gym, Abbotsford
080105 Annthronein, WCB, guests @ Amanda's House, Abbotsford

080111 You Say Party! We Say Die!, Taxes, Twin Crystals, WCB @ McCallum Activity Centre
080418 WCB, Invaders, Velvamatics @ The Shop, Abbotsford
080503 You Say Party! We Say Die!, Doers, Dirty Dirty North, WCB, Velvamatics @ McCallum Activity Centre, Abbotsford
080607 B-Lines, Bloggers, WCB @ After-Waste Eviction, Vancouver

080823 Martian Robot, WCB @ Dogwood Bowling, Abbotsford
080920 WCB, John McLaughlin, Catherine Newton, Justin Nodecker @ Ethical Addictions, Abbotsford
081003 B-Lines, WCB, GSTS @ Maniac Mansion II, Abbotsford

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