Fun 100 / The Hand Split EP + Fun 100 "Internet Girlfriend"

Fun 100 / The Hand Split EP
Ambulance Records, 2002 Abbotsford / Langley
Fun 100
1. Computer
2. Nintendo Golf
3. There Goes the Sun
4. Kimmy Gibbler is My Girlfriend
The Hand
5. Smells Like a Prawn
6. Already / Not Yet
7. No Payneth No Gaineth
8. Reverend Jerry Falwell

Fun 100 "Internet Girlfriend"
Abbotsford 2002

Early Fun 100 demo and the Fun 100 / The Hand split. Brilliant mixed bag of adventurous amateurism. Keyboard demos (Nintendo Golf, Kimmy Gibbler), one note synth parts (Already / Not Yet), Mildred Pierce violence (Kimmy Gibbler), suburban Gary Numan (Computer), a six second scream-along (Rev. Jerry Falwell), and more! RIPx2.


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